It's not Christmas without Snow

by Details Details

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    Happy Holidays and please enjoy :) God Bless!

    Merry Christmas,



A little song to spread some holiday cheer :)


The weather in the southern hemisphere
is far too warm this time of year
there are no itchy sweaters and/or frosty ears
and if there were I'd be the first know cause it's easy to see seasons come and go
when our anticipation starts to grow

the leaves drop after fall
endless shopping from Mall to Mall
Elaborate home decor I'm left in aw but
it never feels like Christmas without Snow-oh-oh-oh

pogo sticks, power gloves
partridges and turtle doves
wrapping paper on the floor all around us
we could look outside through windows
condensation o glass from our nose
when the steam clears away our sight will clearly show

cause it always feels like Christmas when there is snow


released December 4, 2010
written and performed by Seth Williams
Guitar by Travis Flynn
Mixed by Seth Williams



all rights reserved


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