Adventure City

by Details Details

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When your mind begins to wander and your heart beats in sync with your imagination, you begin to enter the city limits of Adventure City. Fun and optimistic, the music of Nashville's Seth Williams (a.k.a. Details Details) is easy on the ears and difficult for your feet to resist. Details Details' newest EP Adventure City is jammed packed with video game styling, catchy hooks and beats that will cause you to wear out to the soles of your sneakers. Williams doesn't restrict himself to a traditional writing formula as seen with his instrumental ballad "Dawn", the dubstep inspired bass lines of "Anchors" and the evolving trance melodies in "Cadet". Each song on Williams' EP is a compressed story with overflowing optimism. If you are not already smiling, then an adventure is waiting for you just around the corner…


released September 3, 2011

All Songs Written by Details Details//Seth Williams
Mixed and Mastered by Kyle Manner



all rights reserved


Details Details Nashville

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Track Name: Skyscraper
i’ve got an idea
it’s not a work out
i’ve got more things on my mind
than i can say outloud
over the overpass
i can see the destination at hand
it’s on hills and
underneath the clouds
a skyscraper
we’re on the lookout now

towering over
the skyline

so high off the ground
with a bird’s eye view
we can take a good look
at our whole town
we can see so far
at the people traveling
in their own cars

i bet the guys with the fast cars
and their penthouses up in the stars
look out so far and down

towering over
it’s colder up here
Track Name: Pillows
A fort with a bed inside
a perfect place to hide
for a king to protect his people
from surprise
flashlight as a burning fire
raise the torch and the flame gets
th walls are thin but we can make them higher

i’m not afraid with my eyes closed
if i’m not awake it’s alright
i suppose

starlight and moonbeams
flash across in a brilliant stream
fading all the monsters from my
so in tuned i can hear my watch tick
and see the back of my eye lids
the most beautiful ruby red
the air is warm and i’m sinking to
a place that i love but have never been to

stashed away and tucked inside
covert asleep with one eye open
and prepared to assault on what
lies ahead
the night is strtched for miles and my head is full of smiles
Track Name: Anchors
captain captain
please untie
the anchor that
leaves all this behind
ocean air, stories untold
of otters and treasure chest of gold
i can’t wait for my own to unfold
i’d own zebras and lamborghinis
and we’d never get old

we’re sailing over
and over and over
on waves with ores
and open sails
Track Name: Cadet
if you’re a pilot
then i will be the cadet
and i will sit back
enjoy the ride
and wave our hands from side to side
and say goodbye (x2)
from the sky